Our product is an Accurate Scale Radio Control heavy duty machine and not a toy. (Collectors R/C metal model not for children)

Verio 1:12 hand made metal tank been discontinued at the end of 2006.

1:12 Tiger I
    1:12 Panther


Tiger I Pz.Kpfw.VI Sd.Kfz

V12 cyl, 650hp engine 60 deg V (maybach HL210P45 21353cc OHC at rear driving front sprockets through Via 8 speed gear box, steering control by differential, Hydraulic bralkes.8 triple interleaved road wheel. Torsion bar suspension. Track width 520/725mm.24V Elec system. Overall dimensions 6200mmx3550mmx2880mm (width reducible to 3150mm).Armour thickness 60mm-80mm.534Liter fuel at 4 fuel tank, Range 90km on road,60km off road.88mm gun with 2 MG Weight 56900kg.

One of the heaviest tank at WWII total about 1350 been made.