Our product is an Accurate Scale Radio Control heavy duty machine and not a toy. (Collectors R/C metal model not for children) 

SdKfz 234 Puma Armoured Car

The SdKfz 234 armoured car was go to the War at 1943 on the Eastern front. This vehicle with 8 wheel, like the similar SdKfz 233 seroes, with much bigger tire, 8 wheel drive, 8 wheel steering, 8 wheel indenpendent suspension, The German industry produced the best tank and armoured car to use in WWII.

This SdKfz Puma got a 50mm Gun and one 7.92mm MG this make the Puma to engage like a light tank, the SdKfz 234/3 got a 75mm anti tank gun put on the open turret,body armour at 30mm, the vehicle got 12 tons, power by a V12 Tatra diesel, Max speed at 90km/h.

Verio 1:6 scale SdKfz 234 Puma Armoured Car optional suspension and steering parts make your FRP Non metal 8x8 model suspension work well.


1)7075 alloy Wishbone upper Control arm x 8

2)7075 alloy Wishbone lower Control arm x 8

3) heavy duty suspension Ball - joint x 16

4)heavy duty Leaf spring for x 8 pices ( if the Battery is very    big, you may need 12-16 pices leaf spring )

5)heavy duty leaf spring U-bolt x 8

6)heavy duty steering tie-rod x 16