Our product is an Accurate Scale Radio Control heavy duty machine and not a toy. (Collectors R/C metal model not for children)

Verio build the new 1:8 scale King Tiger at end of 2008. All new hand made CNC metal parts to build this Great model like its big brother the 1:6 scale Verio Tiger II at end of 2007. a complete model with all body accessories and all motor, gear box ( import from Japan ) speed control, 6 ch R/C system Inc in this model, you just need e mail us few colour picture, we will paint to tank for you. it is a ready go model. Only the recoil system is a optional parts, just email us to check the price and waiting time. metaltankmodel@yahoo.com  or  tankmodel@126.com This year ( 2009 ), we will build a little Jagdtiger and Jagdpanther Panzer at both 1:8 and 1:6 scale.


1:8 scale Verio metal hand build King Tiger
   1:8 Scale Tiger I early model
    1:6 Scale Tiger I early model
   German 1:6 scale Semi Track alloy Track
   1:6 T34 alloy metal Track
   Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf
   Marder III 76.2mm Pak
   Computer 3D design scale metal track
   1:6 8 TON semi track
   1:6 Sd.Kfz 222/223/247 Armoured car