Our product is an Accurate Scale Radio Control heavy duty machine and not a toy. (Collectors R/C metal model not for children)


1:6 scale  SdKfz 222 light armoured car.
The SdKfz 222 was one of the German Light armored car at WWII, It developed at early 30s.
This vehicle with a H ladder chassis, 4 wheel independent suspension, 4 wheel steering and 4
wheel drive, with a 20mm-28mm Gun and a 7.92mm MG carried 3 man crew. The Basic model was the SdKfz 221 which had a two man crew and armed with a single 7.92mm MG34 gun. SdKfz 223 was a Radio vehicle. Power by Horch V8 Max speed 75km/h Range 280 km. A large no been exported to China between 1934-1939.

3823cc V8 side Valve 90hp water cooled motor, mounted at rear with a 5 speed gear box, all wheel drive, Rear Diff integral with gear box, Both axle with lockable diff, Hydraulic brake. Early model got mechanical brakes and 3.5 Horch V8 engine, Independent suspension with dual coil spring each wheel.4 wheel steering 210R18 tire.12V Elec. system,100 litre fuel tank. Max speed 75km/h, Range on road 300km, off road 200km.Vehicle size 4560mmx1950mmx2000mm,weight 4400kg.Weapon 7.92mm rifle and MG34. 223 radio version with out turret, 221 and 222 similar except radio equipment.

    1:6 Tiger I Early Model (limited edition model)
    1:6 Tiger I Initial Production Model (limited edition model)
   1:6 38cm RW 61 Sturmtiger ( Limited edition )
   1:6 scale Russian Heavy self-propelled gun ISU-152
   1:6 Panther Ausf A/D/G
   1:6 King Tiger   Panzer - Kampfwagen VI Ausfuhrung E Tiger II
   1:6 MG34 machine Gun

1:6 Tiger I  Panzer - Kampfwagen VI Ausfuhrung B (New heavy duty Gear box for Verio 1:6 Tiger I owner at free of charge )

              1:6 scale  SdKfz 222 light armoured car
              1:6 8 ton semi track Sd.Kfz.7 ( only one been build for test and we will build the 18

               ton semi track )

              1:6 Dragon figure
              Display scale model
              German Model Show
               Hand made product
              Tank accessories and parts